"What Newcomers
 means to me..."

"After I lost my husband and found myself alone in Florida far away from anyone that I knew, I was asking myself what do I do now. I was lost. 

In reading the local paper almost every week there was something going on with a club called Newcomers.  I was curious and went to a luncheon and never looked back.

  The women I met are wonderful, caring and loving life, just what the doctor ordered for me.  I have been blessed."


What is Newcomers and what do we do?

Did you ever hear the saying, “Whew, I’m going to have to go back to work to rest.  I am busier now that I have retired than I have ever been!”?

Something similar can be heard everyday here in Newcomers Club! 

You will never be short of ways to get together with your friends.


We plan club wide events all year...monthly luncheons with interesting speakers and programs, themed luncheons~ some for the Holidays and some just for the fun of it,  a special Welcome Back luncheon celebrating the return of our snowbirds and participation in the Island Christmas Parade.


We encourage you to join mini-clubs based on your interests...either something you have always done or join one to try something new.  The possibilities are endless and there are always other ladies looking to start new things.


Some of our Current Activities include:

Cooking, Dining, Needlework, Book Clubs, Water Sports, , Poker, Board Games, & Golf.


You may also join an Arts and Entertainment (A&E) mini club, a group that is constantly planning events for your 30 or so members to do....Museum visits, shopping trips, dinner and a movie or play, bowling or even happy hour trips around the Island.


See what we mean?  We hope you will be in touch with us soon about joining in on all our fun!

Participation in our Mini Clubs and/or Special Events is permitted only after membership application has been received and approved by the Board of Directors.

Members are not permitted to solicit for their businesses or charitable organizations either at our monthly luncheons or through use of our Membership Roster.  If a member would like to promote their business or organization, paid advertising in our monthly newsletter or sponsoring of door prizes at our luncheons is available.
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